Most of the Co-operative Society has financial operation as well as membership database management. When member size increases its financial information management becomes tedious job. Our software will manage all membership and financial information easy and smooth way as like banking software done. It is integrated accounts will produce profit & loss report, balance sheet, member deposit, due, ledger, cash book. Member will get SMS notification when amount deposit or withdrawn. Members can online access their transaction login in with username and password like online banking

Our application’s generation demand features make your company one step ahead compare to other companies. The system has inter-messaging mechanism that is accessible via mobile devices. Employee status monitoring mechanism enables top management always up to date. Employee personal schedule and SMS notification is also another modern thinking for have a smart HRMS.


Co-Operative Society Management

  • Co-operative Society manage each member as like bank operate each account holder’s account information.
  • Our system keeps member detail information including nominee details, Documents like NID, Pictures and other necessary information.
  • System can manage each member account information able to generate account statement like bank do for each account holder.
  • Each member can login to the system and able to view his/her account statement and other personal information.
  • We can enable online payment mechanism so that member can deposit payment from home using credit card, debit card, mobile banking (bKash, mCash, etc).
  • When online payment done member’s account deposit will be auto update and SMS notification will go to member’s mobile number.
  • Integrated accounts mange all accounts like cash flow, income, expense, liability
  • System generate monthly bill and payable due amount for each member.
  • System will send SMS notification to member’s predefined mobile number when payment received or due bill notification as Bank are doing.
  • System’s inbuilt reporting mechanism keep the owner always up to date with business money flow. It shows business overall snapshot instantly. System instantly says how much receivable money from members, how much payable to supplier and how much asset values and liabilities has for the company.
  • System can instantly produce balance sheet, profit and loss, client ledger, account ledger, expense, income statement etc.
  • There is a scope to send summary reports to top management via email or SMS that ensure business snapshot over time.
  • Through the system sales invoice, money receipt can be produces and deliver to client by printing or by email. When payment confirm and SMS goes to client mobile through the system.
  • It’s integrated accounting follows all standard accounting principle that manages by dual entry system.
  • The application is very easy to use and understand. There is no need huge training to know Dr., Cr. mechanism of accounting system.
  • Anybody who has basic computer knowledge and understand from head, and to head transaction can use our accounting system. Rest of the things will do software system to generate all complex reports.
  • Accounting voucher entry form will produce all necessary reports like bellow:
  1. Item wise in/out reports
  2. Material requisition list
  3. Material issue list
  4. Material issue list
  5. Current stock inventory report
  6. Purchase order report