TradePlus software is integrated system that manage stock & inventory, accounts, credit sale, credit purchase. It can produce balance sheet, profit and loss, client ledger, account ledger, expense, income etc. System sends summary reports to top management via email and SMS


Cloud-HRMS (Human Resource Management System) software is integrated with sub-modules like employee records, CV management, attendance, leave, appraisal, conveyance, visitor management, meeting minutes, personal schedule, internal messaging, group SMS sending, Transport management.


Cloud-Payroll is integrated software linked with accounts. It manages each employee's ledger like bank statement of salary and payment. It produce pay slip, monthly salary sheet, overtime, provident fund, loan etc. When salary disbursement done employee will notify via SMS or email.


Cloud-Hospital ERP is integrated software with modules indoor patient management, outdoor patient management, treatment management, pharmacy management, lab management, OT management. Labs machine generated electronic test report will be integrated with the system.


Most of the co-operative society has financial operation as well as membership database management. When member size increases its financial information management becomes tedious job. Our software will manage all membership and financial information easy and smooth way as like banking software done. Its integrated accounts will produce profit & loss report, balance sheet, member deposit, due, ledger, cash book. Member will get SMS notification when amount deposit or withdrawn. Members can online access their transaction login in with username and password like online banking


Cloud-Academy ERP software is very useful for manage school, college, and university. It keeps student's academic records, results, class routine, financial information. Guardian and student can get result, homework, attendance from home. System has online payment mechanism.

cloud accounts

Cloud-Accounts is most simplified system. Only one entry form that generate all accounting reports. All complex reports will generate by the system and anybody with basic knowledge can manage it.


Cloud-AccountsPro is an advance accounting system for manage clients, supplier, employee wise ledger as well as standard accounting. SMS and email notification for accounting transaction will enable company a smart reputation as like bank is performing.


Cloud-Garments ERP is integrated system with Merchandising, Production, LC and commercial, Store and Inventory, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), HRMS, Accounts and Payroll, Transport management modules.


Cloud-Production ERP software with integrated module of raw material store, production, finished goods store, Sales, Accounts. It manages clients and suppliers with credit business relation. It can estimate product costing as per work order according to raw materials current price rate.


Cloud-Transport Management software is useful for manage maintenance of spare items with costing, Fuel consumption log book. System will also manage vehicle's requisition and transport time schedule calendar. Driver can be entering data instantly using synchronized mobile version application.


Cloud-CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software helps ensure everybody in your business has the information they need to drive sales and customer satisfaction. CRM automates routine activities for sales, service, and marketing teams, leaving them free to use


Cloud-Inventory other name is supply-chain management system. Through the software, user places item requisition and store keeper issues following series of approval procedure. The system generates auto reorder report based on minimum stock alert level according to procurement process time length. Using this software user able to predict future demand accurately as per consumption records, so that users don’t overstock or under stock inventory which ensure maximum profitability.


Cloud-MeetingMinutes is software that will manage meeting letter, meeting agenda, participants, meeting room schedule booking, meeting minutes according decision action point, pending action point monitoring mechanism. System will send meeting notification to participant via email or SMS.


Cloud-Billing is Integrated Accounts software used for ISP, Dish-line, Co-operative Society, Teacher, Coaching who has monthly billing and collection process. As per setting of client’s bill amount, each month bill will generate and notify client over SMS or email. When collection done client will notify via SMS or email.


Cloud-Booking Management software is for community center booking system. It produces booking, billing, and payment invoice report. Through a integrated website public can see available or booked schedule in a calendar format. Integrated accounts manage all income, expense, advance, ledger, balance sheet.


Cloud-Hotel software will manage room booking, guest service request and billing, restaurant billing, police report generation, store & inventory, integrated accounts, client due, supplier due, bill or payment notification will be sent to client via SMS or email. Booking by online payment is also available.